Our partner on the dance floor is Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

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The history of the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance studios began in 1912. Prior to World War II, Arthur Murray teachers were a regular part of every first-class steamship cruise. During the thirties, the studios introduced such dances to the public as the Lambeth walk and The Big Apple. In fact, it was The Big Apple that launched Mr. Murray's one studio into the largest chain of dance studios in the world today. In 1938 the first official opening of a franchised dance school occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In July 1950, Mr. Murray purchased five fifteen-minute television spots on CBS and persuaded his wife Kathryn to teach dancing on air. Before the third show, Arthur bought a half-hour summer series on ABC. The show was called the Arthur Murray Dance Party. By May 1952, the Murrays had televised almost 100 programs. Their TV ratings climbed, and, in the summer of 1952, they signed with their first sponsor, General Foods. Millions of viewers all over the United States fell in love with the show and flocked to the Arthur Murray Studios throughout the country. This highly popular show ran for twelve years on national television. When Arthur and Kathryn Murray retired in 1964, a group of franchisees purchased the company and brought a fresh new spirit and leadership to it. Under its new leadership, the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios has kept pace with the rapidly changing youth culture and continues today to flourish as the world's largest dance instruction organisation.

Dances taught include the more traditional Waltz, Tango, Mambo, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba and Swing as well as the now popular latin dances like Salsa, Merengue & Bachata.

All the dance instructors working with our corporate stars to choreograph and train them in a time limited period, can all be found at Arthur Murray website at www.mississaugaarthurmurray.com.

Here are some online resources on Latin and Ballroom dance:

A list of dance descriptions.

Mastering Simple Ballroom Dance.

How to Swing Dance.

Doing a short Samba routine.

4 Simple Steps to the ChaCha.

How to do a Bachata square.

The Basics of the Waltz.

Check back soon for additional resources.

donato salon

Donato Salon + Spa
Synonymous with beauty and fashion, Donato Salon + Spa is continuously on the cutting-edge of creative and progressive hair design. A talented team of artists led by stylist and entrepreneur John Donato, the salon boasts a staff dedicated to the education and advancement of hair styling.
At the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry and the creative mind behind four Donato Salon + Spa locations in Canada, John Donato, has long been recognized for his vision and accomplishments while exemplifying the definition of true entrepreneur. From visionary to stylist extraordinaire, John is the go-to-guy of photographers, editors and celebrities worldwide. With an easy-going nature and a vision that far exceeds anyone’s expectations, John takes both men and women from simple to stunning.
Donato Salon + Spa locations include Square One, Yorkdale, Shops at Don Mills and the newly launched salon within Saks Fifth Avenue at CF Sherway Gardens.  

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