Darren Coleman

Senior Vice President, Private Client Group, Raymond James

Darren and Cristina

Known for his insight, trendsetting and excellent mentoring built over 25 years in the finance industry, Darren and his team are based in the 53rd, Raymond James' Canadian flagship branch. Darren is also privileged to sit on the Community Foundation of Mississauga’s investment committee. It is no wonder that he is often quoted in Canadian media regarding financial trends, and invited to speak at events across North America.

Darren and his daughter Olivia took part in the “MINI Takes the States” rally that travels around the US this summer! Darren & Olivia completed half of the 10,000km route - all the while practicing his dance number along the interstate! Luckily, they made it back in time for his son’s baseball games!

Darren also has the support of his wife, who was the first to convince Darren to get on the Arthur Murray dance floor when they were first dating so we could expect to see some inspiring moves. However, when asked about his dance inspiration, Darren’s vision surprisingly did not include M.C Hammer or Gene Kelly, but rather... the image of a bear riding a bicycle!

“Mississauga is home. And I believe that a great home means having great neighbours. Once you look outside of your own yard, there is a lot each of us can do to make our community, our home, a little bit better. In my view, working with the Foundation is a great way to make a positive impact on many people - many of whom I may never know or otherwise know how to help,” Darren notes.

Darren’s dance instructor is Cristina.

Stars Videography Credit: Nairi Apkarian, Stars Photography Credit: Herman Custodio.

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