Ellen McGregor

CEO, Fielding Environmental

Ellen and Ole

As CEO of Fielding Environmental, an award-winning Canadian clean tech company specializing in producing high-quality recycled chemicals, Ellen is a seasoned leader in the recycling industry. Recognized for her accomplishments in business, Ellen was named the 2010 Business Person of the Year by the Mississauga Board of Trade. She is also profiled in the book - Most Amazing Women of Peel. Ellen's community engagements are many to help make our city, our province and our country a better place in which to live, work, play and pray. Ellen loves what the Community Foundation of Mississauga stands for. The model of gifting in perpetuity is completely aligned with her commitment to legacy building. And Ellen loves todance...even if her love is bigger than her ability! She is often the first on the dance floor at Fielding parties, and the last to leave. Ellen has a trove of treasured memories dancing with her father as a child, her sister, husband and children. Consequently, it was easy to say yes to joining Dancing with Mississauga Stars!

Finding inspiration in her partner Ole, traces (albeit faint) of Ellen's admiration for Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Michael Jackson will soon be seen on the Mississauga Convention Centre dancefloor!

Ellen says, “People use the term ‘give back’. I use it too... but really what we are doing is giving forward’. I would encourage people to think of community involvement this way - it’s not about a duty to repay - it’s about the satisfaction in knowing you are part of a build - for a vibrant, safe, sustainable city that will live way beyond us all.” 

Ellen’s dance instructor is Ole.

Dancing has been part of Carlos “Ole” Olavide’s life since he was a boy growing up in Venezuela. As a teenager he studied the latin dances and folk dancing. He continued to develop his dancing by adding ballet and ballroom to his repertoire. Ole came to Canada 10 years ago and found a new home at Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

Stars Videography Credit: Nairi Apkarian, Stars Photography Credit: Herman Custodio.

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